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Unified Investments Limited – BAKRI Group:

In the 1960s, the port of Jeddah emerged as a major trading arena for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which allowed Sheikh Abdulkader Al-Bakri to initiate acquiring a bunker tanker and providing shipping and time-charter services within the region. As the Bakri Group began to expand its range of services in the energy and marine market, the company became a major competitor in the services of ship management and marine support, as well as the services of specialized diving for oil and dry dock ship repair. Since then, the Bakri Group has expanded its investments into water desalination, manufacturing, development and ownership of tank farms, constructions, insurance, brokerage and financial services.

Dr. Sarhan is an experienced investment and project finance banker of 17 years, with solid structuring skills in equity and financing products from a Sharia and conventional perspective, having being promoted within short intervals. Today he has strong relationships with local GCC family-owned businesses, Islamic and conventional banks, Sharia scholars, international legal firms, consultants, private equity houses, sovereign wealth funds, GCC-government owned oil companies and the like.

Financing & Advisory Perspective: Highly skilled in project finance (PF) and corporate banking and was head of Project Finance at Gulf International Bank until 2006. Well-known to the international PF and syndication banking community. Have acted as financial advisor to major companies in the GCC, which required specialized structuring including PF (in all industries/sectors such as Oil & Gas, Power, Petrochemicals, Manufacturing etc.) and asset-based (shipping and aviation). Very familiar with balance sheet restructuring and mix-use of PF and working capital facilities, including revolving and reducing revolving facilities. Successfully drafted numerous term sheets, after which the documentation (by international legal firm) was based and written. Assisted in several restructuring of transactions, by clearly seeing the refinancing opportunities within the GCC market.

Equity Perspective: Completed a major transaction for Adenium Energy Capital with an enterprise value of €123MM with the purchase of seven solar power plants in Italy. Earlier, completed major private equity related transactions for Seera Investment Bank (from the buy-side) and also successfully partially-exited two aircraft transaction (sell-side) as Chairman of Falak Aviation (under Seera). Took initiative to build in-house expertise and forge strong relationships with technical industry partners. Ensured compliance of leverage used in both private equity and asset-based financing.

Mr. Sarhan is an experienced Middle East banker for the past 22 years, with solid skills in selling financial products (both Sharia and conventional transactions). Strong relationships with local GCC family-owned businesses, local and regional banks, consultants, and the like.

Private Placement: the Equity Perspective: Skilled in the art of placing Private Placement Memorandums (“PPMs”) and explaining in details the overall legal and organizational structure of the PPMs and how much is realistically possible to earn for the customers. Skilled in various due diligence processes such as the legal, technical and financial due diligences that are required to complete the PPMs. PPMs that I have worked on includes various sectors such as education, healthcare, setting up of financial institutions and real estate. Can also assist as advisor to GCC-based families for their private placement of their business expansions.

• The Financing Perspective: Also skilled in the financing side of the transactions, and arranging for financing for such transactions. Familiar with term sheets for financing and legal documentations that is required (such as Financing Documents, Security & Mortgage Documents, etc.)

Your team gave us lots of creative ideas to consider, in addition to some good, practical advice about exhibit planning, and an overall "out of the box" approach...
Qais Al Maskati